The Octopus Blog is Underway!


Welcome to everyone who wants to help kids eat healthier and more interesting food. With the launch November 1 of my book, MY TWO YEAR OLD EATS OCTOPUS (Bull Publishing), I’m hoping parents and other readers will check in often as we exchange tips and ideas on how on earth you get your kids to eat something besides grilled cheese and PB&J. It’s fun! I’m already in the middle of a signing and media tour and hope I can get to as many parts of the country as possible, to share this iCover shot of My Two Year Old Eats Octopusmportant message — Getting Children to Love EVERYTHING!


One Response to “The Octopus Blog is Underway!”

  1. Maggie Says:

    My child (10 yr old girl) is generally a good eater. She is basic in her tastes (like her dad) – happy with meat and potatoes, but also lvoes salads. In fact she’ll eat a salad daily. Lunch is much less adventuresome. We have a repertoire of 2-3 sandwiches that go to school each day.
    However I am not really sure what to do when she says she doesn’t like something. Is it just a reaction to the food looking “funny” or “smelling different”? Or perhaps might she just be maturing in her tastes with some likes and dislikes?

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