Welcome Friends…members of our pilot group


Thank you so much for agreeing to participate in the pilot for my blog designed to help parents develop awareness of more, varied and healthier foods for their children. I did a lot of research for My Two Year Old Eats Octopus, but no book could cover the burgeoning interest in this subject, and the wonderful progress so many families are making. 

If you went back just two decades and compared general food awareness then with what we experience today, it’s easy to see that a lot of change takes place in a short time. We have some catching up to do, and I really want this “OctopusBlog” to help in getting the discussion going.

I am hoping this pilot group can ponder a few subjects and post thoughts to the blog. Before I announce the blog to the world at large, I ask your help in generating enough meaningful content to entice others to join in.

Here are the subjects I was thinking we could ponder… 

  • Parents – any particular story you have about a success in getting a child to eat new foods?
  • How do your kids react to strong flavors? Surprise? Joy? Horror? What can you do when you’ve tried something new, they’ve hated it, and now you have to try something else that’s new, and they simply shut down… 
  • …has perseverance worked? What happens when you find yourself giving in, against your better judgment? 
  • We want to hear from parents whose kids just refuse even to taste anything different or unfamiliar. Have you observed patterns according to age? Going to school? etc. 
  • What has been your experience with truculent caregivers (grandparents come to mind) who seem to be working to undo all the good you have achieved? 

In general, we want for this blog to provide busy parents with easy answers that have met with good results. 

Thank you again and I look forward to some stimulating blogging.

 Nancy Tringali Piho



One Response to “Welcome Friends…members of our pilot group”

  1. Michelle Lehman Says:

    I’m so excited to learn more from Octopus Blog – my 4 month old will soon be starting to add solids into her diet, and I’m intrigued by the idea of “spicing up” her bland baby food! I plan to at least try to make her food at home for the first few months and would love to hear from others if you have good ideas for adding certain spices to veggies, fruits, etc. Her daddy puts tabasco and hot peppers on everything, so at some point I need to get her used to peppers a tiny bit at a time so she can enjoy Daddy’s cooking when she gets older!

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